Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to address it.

What is the amount of space we'll be given and how many products can we display?

Poptron will take care of the visual merchandising for your products using our customised fixtures. If you have any props or display items that you believe would help to enhance your brand, we highly encourage you to discuss this with our Retail team when the time comes.



Do I need to provide marketing materials such as flyers or promo codes?

While it is not required, providing any existing marketing materials that can help potential customers better understand your brand and products is always beneficial. We can assist in distributing these materials to interested customers, if needed.



Will I receive social media templates to help promote Popshop?

Yes, we will provide you with social media templates that you can use to promote your brand. Additionally, we will provide you with a map that you can use to guide your online audience to find you offline.

What does it mean when you say Popshop will manage all retail manpower?

You are not obligated to be physically present at the pop-up booth during its duration. However, if you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to meet your online audience, you are more than welcome to visit. If you choose to station your brand or sales representative during the Popshop period, please inform us so that we can maximize your sales and marketing output. Popshop will handle all other retail manpower, such as staffing the booth, selling your products, and answering any customer queries.



Am I allowed to provide samples or testers for my products at Popshop?

Yes, you are allowed to provide samples or testers for your products. However, please note that in accordance with the mall management guidelines, all food samples must be packaged and sealed to prevent spillage and maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the products. Our Poptron team will gladly distribute these samples or testers to customers.

What payment methods are accepted at Popshop?

Popshop accepts multiple payment methods, including cash, cards, e-wallets, and DuitNow QR.

When will I receive payouts for my sales at Popshop?

You will receive payouts for your sales at Popshop on Wednesdays. All payments received between Monday and Sunday will be reported by the following Tuesday, and the payout will be directly deposited into your bank account.


Can you explain the process for sending inventory to Popshop?

Certainly! We have provided a document that outlines the process for sending inventory to Popshop in an easy-to-understand format. Please refer to this document for detailed instructions.

POPSHOP Inventory Handling Guide-c