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Why Join Popshop?

All the benefits of a physical store, minus the headaches.

Retail Staffing

Poptron takes care of hiring, training, and managing retail staff, ensuring competent and optimal customer experience and sales.

Visual Merchandising

Flexible virtual management options, either fully managed or collaborative, for maximum results.

Marketing & Promotions

A daily series of pre, during, and post-marketing activities and promotions to maintain audience engagement.

Daily Sales Reporting

A daily sales report is sent to your email inbox to keep you updated on sales figures.

Inventory Management

We handle the process of receiving inventory, storing it, and keeping stores stocked to guarantee constant product availability.

Weekly Payouts

All sales from Monday to Sunday are disbursed every Wednesday, providing you with the necessary cash flow for your business.

Staff Training

Staff product training prior to events to ensure optimal brand representation for you.

Security & Insurance

All products from brands are insured against theft and monitored by CCTV surveillance for added security

Sales Commission

Poptron covers the cost of sales commissions to motivate sales targets.

How You Benefit

Leverage our retail presence to achieve your business goals.

Save Time
We handle all aspects of retail operations, allowing you to free up time and concentrate on expanding other areas of your business.
Increase Revenue
Maximize sales and revenue by placing products in high-traffic malls at an affordable cost, increasing visibility and reaching more potential customers.
Increase Presence
Be present at multiple retail locations and reach out to wider customer base. This will help you open your brand to new customers.

What Brands Say


Hear what our past clients had to say

Best gila work with you guys!

We would like to express many thanks to the Poptron team for all the hard work and for being so accommodating. Honestly, it's our first time dapat organiser yang SO HELPFUL macam you guys!

I don't have to be there, which is the best part

The staff is really helpful! The fact that I don't have to be there from 10am to 10pm to mend my store is a pretty good selling point to me. I'm happy haha.
Sharon Chai

Brought our brand to new spaces

It was a great opportunity for Studio C to be featured alongside other artisanal brands at Popshop @ KLCC. It was a great way to introduce new customers who can touch and feel our products and see what Malaysian craftsmanship is all about!
Studio C

Professional touch at showcasing products

As a new brand starting out, we really appreciated Poptron's professionalism at ensuring our products are displayed beautifully. We got valuable feedback on our products, analysis of what worked and what didn't. The team is very attentive and took great care of our products and communication materials!
Pause & Oomph

Great job with arrangements and exposure

This is a great platform for small businesses to expand their exposure not just online but also offline. myNutchos are honoured to join the first even pop up held in Suria KLCC. The team did a really great job in terms of arrangements and also providing all the help throughout the event.
Pik Ling